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Boat Tanks

    "Go further and experience more with a custom boat tank! High customer satisfaction and a three year warranty make this a top pick for your next boating adventure."


    KSH specializes in custom fabrication of  marine fuel tanks. Our customers include boat manufacturers, marine shops and individuals. Due to its advantages over stainless steel and plastic, KSH tanks are made of aluminum.  The advantage of aluminum over stainless steel is:  it is more cost effective, will not rust, and is lighter to carry. Aluminum has advantages over plastic as well.  Aluminum tanks are sturdier than plastic. Depending upon the size KSH tanks are made with baffles which add to the stability of the tank. Plastic tanks do not have baffles. Our aluminum tanks are also more resilient to the effects of the sun than plastic.  Plastic tanks are made using expensive molds and come in standard sizes. They cannot be easily or cost effectively adjusted to fit your needs.  KSH aluminum tanks will be cost effective while being built to your specifications.

Perhaps your old tank sticks out from under the seat too far and you would like it smaller so that it isn't in your way. Or perhaps your old tank doesn't completely fill the area designed to store the tank and you would like your new tank made slightly larger to give you extra fuel storage capacity. KSH can build you a new tank just like the old one or we can make the adjustments you would like to the tank so that it more closely fits your needs.

 Two D-1212 Fuel Tanks under the seat in a Boston Whaler Montauk

 Do you need to replace a tank on your Boston Whaler Montauk?  KSH has two models of tanks that were specifically designed to fit the Boston Whaler. Two of our 12-gallon tanks or one of our 24-gallon tanks will fit under the seat of the Boston Whaler Montauk.

The picture at the right shows two D-1212 Tanks under the seat in a Boston Whaler Montauk. The standard model D-1212 comes equipped with a mechanical gauge, vent bung, pick up tube, fill and cap. The tanks pictured are equipped with optional handles. The fittings on the tank have been set up so that the tanks are mirror images of each other.  Since we are the manufacturer of the tanks we can easily make adjustments to the size or placement of the fitting or add optional handles or mounting tabs.

Looking for other standard sizes of marine tanks and parts for fuel tanks? Check out Mirax Fuel Products' (our sister company) web site: www.miraxfuelproducts.com.

Would you like a quote on a custom tank for your boat?  We will need some information from you to provide a quote.  This can be easily done by clicking on the words Custom Boat Tank.  This link will take you to a page that has various drawings of fuel tanks.  Pick the one that most closely fits the tank you need.  Fill in the measurements you will need.  Please be sure to include your name and contact information.  Submit your form and we contact you with a quote and/or any questions we may have.


Key Benefits

 KSH tanks are U.S. Coast Guard approved
 We offer a three year unconditional warranty on our fuel tanks. See our warranty page!
 KSH tanks are made of sturdy cost effective aluminum with baffles as needed
 American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa proudly accepted


Would you like more information on, obtain a quote for, or order a tank built to your specifications?  Click on the Quote/Order Info button at the bottom of the page!

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