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Custom Auxiliary Fuel Tank Information Sheet

Our Auxiliary tanks are usually located between the front of the bed closest to the cab and the wheel well, go from side to side in the bed of the truck, and are bed height. Sometimes standard sizes just don't fit your needs and a custom tank is needed. KSH manufactures all of its tanks so quoting and/or making a custom auxiliary fuel tank for your truck is a simple matter of getting some information from the customer.

Measure the available space in your truck to determine the width, height, depth, etc of a tank that will fit in your vehicle. If you have a cover over your truck we will need to know the maximum distance from the bed of the truck to the lowest part of the cover. Use these measurements to design a tank for your truck by filling in the boxes on the drawing below that best fits the general appearance of the tank you need.  Please be sure to provide the contact information so we can contact you with a quote and any questions we may have.

If you are purchasing a tank and need to provide information on the types and locations of the fittings, please fill in the dimensions of the tank on the appropriate drawing.  Print the page and then note the locations of the fittings on the printed drawing. Please label the fitting as to what it is such as fill pipe.  Give the distance from the center of the fitting to one long end and one short end of the tank.  The drawing can be faxed to (928) 680-7379 or emailed to www.info@kshfuelproducts.com.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call at (928) 680-6610.

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If you have a cover on the bed of the truck, please give us the maximum distance from the bed of the truck to the lowest part of the cover.
Standard Auxiliary Tank

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L-Shaped Auxiliary Tank
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Notched Auxiliary Tank  
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