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"The fuel tank I ordered was designed around my truck. No one else can do what KSH does."


Custom Fuel Tanks

When a standard KSH Auxiliary or Toolbox/Tank Combo won't fit your needs KSH will work with you to design and build a masterfully designed tank that will suit your needs. 

Would you like a quote on a custom tank for your truck?  We will need some information from you to provide a quote.  This can be easily done by clicking on the word Auxiliary Tank or Toolbox/Tank Combo. Either link will take you to a page that has various examples of that type of tank that you can use and provide you will all the needed information. Pick the drawing that most closely fits the tank you need and fill in the measurements for the tank you would like quoted.  Please be sure to include your name and contact information.  Submit your form and we will contact you with a quote and/or any questions we may have.


The following paragraphs and pictures provide some examples of some of our custom tanks.


The picture below is a custom 40-gallon Toolbox/Tank Combo that has been chamfered in the front to fit into the bed of a short bed Dodge. The Toolbox/Tank Combo was made of aluminum diamond plate and then powder coated black to go with the customer's truck.


This picture belo shows a custom Toolbox/Tank Combo in a short bed Dodge in which the front sides of the unit have been notched so that the unit will fit between the front of the bed and the wheel wells. The customer chose to have the unit made of mill finish aluminum and then powder coated red to match his truck.




The three pictures below show a custom Toolbox/Tank Combo for a Toyota Tundra that has been outfitted with a camper shell.  The unit is equipped with a external pump kit that has not been incorporated in the toolbox portion of the unit. The fill has been extended to be closer to the top of bed of the to allow easier access for filling the tank.  The pump and fill are exterior to the box to allow access to them through a side window in the camper shell. The fuel tank has been notched on each side to allow it to fit properly around the wheel wells in the bed.



The inside of this custom 35-gallon Toolbox/Tank Combo is opposite of the standard Toolbox/Tank Combo.  The standard Toolbox/Tank Combo is divided vertically.  The fuel tank is the entire bottom of the unit while the toolbox is the entire top of the unit.  In this unit the fuel tank goes from the bottom to almost the top of half the driver's side of the unit.  The toolbox portion is from the bottom of the unit to the top on the passenger's side.  The picture on the upper left shows this custom Toolbox/Tank Combo installed in the truck.  The pictures below is the unit open in the truck from the passenger's side. The toolbox portion is big enough to fit larger items.



One of our customers needed more storage on the truck that he uses to haul his 5th wheel.  KSH worked with him to design and build three aluminum diamond plate storage boxes that will not interfere with the operation of the 5th wheel.  Each of the toolboxes has a single lid and dual latches that allow you to open the toolbox from either side of the front of the toolbox. 




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