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    "KSH specializes in high quality fuel tanks that last for years. Everything is customizable, so I am assured to have a tank that not only fits in my truck, but does what I need it to do."


Need to increase the distance you can travel without stopping to get fuel? KSH can build you an Auxiliary Fuel Tank or one of our Toolbox/Tank Combos to fit your needs. KSH stocks Auxiliary Tanks in the standard sizes of 30, 50, 70, and 100 gallon and Toolbox/Tank Combos in the standard sizes of 40, 45, 60, 65, and 98 gallon. KSH tanks can be used as either an auxiliary diesel tank or an auxiliary gas tank. We offer many different installation kits for both gas and diesel fuel for our tanks. If one of our standard sizes won't fit your needs we offer custom auxiliary fuel tanks and tool/tank combo's at competitive prices.   KSH Auxiliary Fuel Tanks and Toolbox/Tank Combos are DOT approved in all 50-states.


Auxiliary Fuel Tanks- In standard sizes of 30, 50,70 and 100-gallon capacities.

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50-gallon Auxiliary Fuel Tank with cover attached


Toolbox/Tank Combos - In standard sizes of 40, 45, 60, 65, and 98-gallon capacities.  

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65-gallon Toolbox/Tank Combo

Custom Tanks - If one of our standard tanks doesn't fit your needs we can make a custom tank that will.  

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Three custom toolboxes in Ford 450.


Installation Kits and Options - We offer gas and diesel installation kits for Dodge, Ford,  and General Motors trucks.  The kits are designed to work with any of our tanks. Click here for more information about our installation kits.


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