Custom Generator Boxes

Generator Boxes

“It’s nice to know that my generator is safe. Having peace of mind is priceless.”

KSH Fuel Products builds to order Generator Boxes, providing an affordable and convenient way to secure your portable generator.  The polished aluminum diamond plate box encases your generator securely using  a lockable lid. The box can then be bolted to the bed of your truck, your trailer or to your RV.

Unlike any other locking steel box KSH has revolutionized the design by allowing your generator to “breathe” freely. Intake and exhaust is not closed off, but rather escapes through a hole in the side. The side panel of the box can be removed when the generator is in use allowing for proper air circulation and easy access to your pull cord and the on/off switch. With a hinged, no nonsense lid, fuel can easily be dispensed into the generator.

The entire generator box is made from polished aluminum diamond plating that can be bolted securely to any trailer, RV, or truck bed. Virtually impossible to steal or tamper with, you can be assured your generator will be safe.

Customized to Fit Your Generator

One of our most popular generator’s to build for is the Honda 2000.  This compact generator is essential for any camper or tailgater. They’re easy to use, set up, and move around. However, left unprotected, these can be easy to spot and steal. Not only are they a beacon for thieves, weather and outside elements can also take their toll on your Honda 2000. Protect your investment and save your vacation.

The Honda 2000 box measures 19” H x 15” W x 23” L, with a sleek and non-bulky design. Access to your control panel is available, as the front of the box can also be removed.

All Generator Boxes feature:

  • Removable cover plates on the front and side for easy access to the generator.
  • A locking latch on the front to prevent theft.
  • The lid can also be closed and locked with the cover plates removed allowing you to run your generator safely while the lid remains locked.
  • Removing the cover plates allows access to the generator and provides needed ventilation while keeping the generator safe- Perfect for RV parks!

To see more pictures of these versatile boxes, visit the “Custom Generator Boxes” section of the photo gallery.

Every Box is custom built to fit your generator make and model. The most common make/models we fabricate include Honda, Yamaha, Predator and Champion, but our unique design can be easily adapted to fit any make/model.

At our affordable price everyone can own one of these lock boxes. Every KSH product is fabricated in the U.S. With loyal service and great products, KSH is the only company with the best locking generator boxes. For more information on this box, or other KSH products call (928) 680-6610  or email us at

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