Installation Kits and Options

Transfer Installation Kits

Transfer Installation Kits are available for diesel engine Dodge, Ford, and General Motors. Many other make/models of truck may also run this system. This installation method will install the tank so that you can turn on a pump from inside the vehicle that will pump fuel from the auxiliary tank to the factory tank.

With the Basic Transfer System, when the factory tank is full you will need to turn off the pump. Wire to an open auxiliary button in your truck or to a toggle switch installed on your dash. There is no gauge for the auxiliary with this method of installation.

The Gauged/Timer Transfer System allows the transfer on a 15 minute timer. This system also comes with a gauge, allowing you to see the fuel level of your auxiliary tank when the timer system is powered on. This kit comes with a small 3″ x 5″ box to store in your console or under
a seat when not in use.

Gauged Transfer In Cab Box

All of the parts and instructions that are necessary for the average “do-it-yourselfer” to install the tank and set up the switching are included in the kit.

External Pump Kit

Your fuel tank can be equipped with an External Pump that will allow you to fill your tank or other vehicles.  The kit contains a pump, hose and nozzle.  The pump will pump at a rate of 15 gallons per minute.  The pump is sized so that the pump, nozzle, and hose will fit inside of the toolbox portion of our Toolbox/Tank Combos.

The picture above shows an external pump kit mounted in a 65-gallon Toolbox/Tank Combo.