Trailer Tongue Toolboxes

“I am surprised that so much room can come from a trailer tongue; my box holds everything!”


Need more space on your travels?

Extra storage space is always welcome especially when traveling.  KSH Fuel Products’ new Trailer Tongue Storage Boxes can help solve some storage issues. Make use of that pesky trailer tongue! Each box is custom designed to fit your needs and your trailer.

A KSH Trailer Tongue Storage Box mounted on an enclosed trailer is an example of how previously unused space is turned into useful storage.

Just as trailers come in different sizes so do KSH Trailer Tongue Storage Boxes. The box will be custom made to fit the footprint of your trailer’s tongue and the height desired.

Click here to go to our trailer tongue box quote form.   Just fill in the contact information, plug the dimensions of the box that will fit your trailer into the drawing, and click on the submit button.  We will contact you with a quote in a timely manner.

Are you looking for a rectangular/square tool box? Click her to get a quote!

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** Due to the construction of our boxes please note the following:
  • The lid will add an additional 1.5 inches from side to side from the dimension of what the box size is. Please adjust measurements accordingly.
  • If you have a specific item that needs to fit inside the box, provide specific item dimensions in the comments section

1.5" additional will be added to this dimension for the lid




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The outside dimensions of my item is:

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